Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well my internet at home is down so I'm going to try out this mobile blogging thing a bit further.
First I'd like to thank Jenn for the shout out in her blog! I don't know if I agree with the being cuter thing but we are pretty freakishly alike! We have actually known each other since junior high school but became close during our pregnancies with our beautiful sons! I couldn't have gotten through it without her! She's amazing and her husband and adorable kids aren't to bad either. In fact I'm thrilled to become a part of her family when I become Princess Ady's godmother and my fiance Brandon becomes her godfather. We are so very excited!
Today was a trying day. It has been freezing rain outside all day today which means all of the errands I had to do on my only day off this week didn't get done :( I was going a bit stir crazy in the house with no computer and a 15 month old to talk to. We actually took a long nap together today which makes my days! And today I finally heard what I've been waiting for since I saw two lines on the very first pregnancy kit. My Doodlebear said Love you to me today. And I cried. A lot. He's such a sweetheart. We didn't have a fantastic day overall since he's also used to going places and usually on my day off I try to take him somewhere so we can just hang out together. But that made my day. And the fact that he's currently half asleep on my chest while I type this on my Blackberry. He's just growing far to quickly. I wish I could stop and rewind his life so I could cuddle him as a newborn and experience all of his firsts all over again. Am I the only one who wants that?
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  1. Internet is FINALLY working her at 7:15 am. My hands were shaking from the withdrawals. Haha, totally kidding. Anyway, I still can't believe he said love you....what a sweetie.

  2. I can't either. He said it twice today too! I'm so happy about it. And he is a sweetie. I think we need another play date soon too!