Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Moments Part 1

That make me smile.

-hearing I love you as the last thing the babies and I say to each other at night

-singing along to music in the car

-realizing Robbie knows I'm Mommy when he says things like "Watch Mommy I do it!" When he's doing something cute.

-saying all done after like 10 seconds in timeout

-when they as for something specific and know what they want

-Robbie sang the peanut song to me today. I've sung it to him since his first day. Its the song I sing him before bed.

-blonde curls and pigtails with bows

-swimming in the tub

-the excitement in a toddlers eyes when they discover something new

-new words. Halloween, hippo, melon, snuggles, and about a zillion more. Baileys vocab is pushing 500 words and Robbies is close to hers although she's much more verbal and puts her words in to sentences better

-when someone tells me my daughter looks like me.

-when someone tells me Robbie looks like me

-reading a book with Robbie and we get to the page about friends and he always yells JACKERS!

-the drums that my brother bought the babies. He's in recovery and has been sober 6 months. The look on his face when he carried them upstairs was evil and proud at the same time.

-a zillion other things I'm just to tired to blog about....this will be part 1

Monday, August 16, 2010

2 things

All friends should share. Wine and giggles. I shared some with my slightly *read...very* intoxicated future father in law this weekend. I need more wine dates. More laughter. More relaxation.

In other news I decided its bringing sexy back time again. I went to the gym at my new place today. Have I mentioned how much I love it? The place, so not the gym. I decided to do 30 min on the elepitcal (spelt wrong, don't care) and id like to thank Zach for keeping me text company. I did a little over 4 miles. My goal is to work up to 60 min and 8 miles. Hope I can do it. And then I tanned...skin cancer I know, I'm aware. Save it. Anyway. I'm bringing sexy ish back. Or trying. See how well it goes. Jenn I need you to text me to make sure I'm running. Seriously. I need.to.get.in.shape. tired of looking like poop.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Is it eleventythousand zillion degrees out? And why do you people have to come to my job to eat? Can't you cook at home? Rawr.

And why do I have 47 loads of laundry to do. It should be more acceptable to wear sweat pants and in the kids case cute little bubble gum machine and glow in the dark rocket jammies everywhere. Seriously cutest jammies my kid has. Ever. Love them. So does he.

And why must we watch Toy Story 9 times a day? Mommy is tired of Buzz. And why does his name have to be Woody? Know how much I giggle telling Robbie to grab his Woody and hurry up. Makes me giggle like I'm a 12 yr old boy! And where is Andys Dad in the movies? It bugs me!

And why does Bailey now ask people if they have a peanut or a buttgina? Daycares going to love that one! At least someones laughing. Even if it is me!

And why are the babies obsessed with the hose? My Saturday ended with two butt naked kids running around my aunts backyard getting sprayed by the hose giggling like fools! Their laughs melt me though. I love them too much. Even when they are being butt brains.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ever have that feeling? I do today. A friend of mines son was found dead just a mile from his house today. His mom laid down to take a nap with her son, woke up and he was gone. How many times have I laid down with the kids? Countless. To think that could be me is scary. I don't know how to react to it. It makes me sick to feel like that. That something as simple as a nap could end with your child face down in the mud. I live so close to the interstate. I don't really understand it.

We have so many things we worry about and to add another to the mix? I worry about their baths, clean clothes, if they are eatting enough. Now worry about taking a nap with them? I'm worried about it, sleepless.

What to do?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little update

When I started this blog I thought I'd mostly talk about life with Robbie...so I thought I would get back to basics.

He's growing so fast! I'm going to make a list here of all of the words I can think of that he says... Mama, Mommy, Dad, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Bailey, Jack, Ady, Jen, Emily, Mike, Tim, Nick, Dom, Kendra, Dave, Matt, Brooke, Serena, Scott, Chris, Robbie, Mike, Tasha, Becky, yes, no, please, thank you, up, down, left, right, outside, grass, trees, ducks, birds, cat, puppy, dog, Fiona, bath, bathroom, couch, TV, Elmo, cartoons, eat, drink, cup, sleep, hello, hi, bye bye, hair, brush, teeth, spray, shave, pee, poop, diaper, butt, wipes, wash, soap, towel, chair, potty, really, I don't know, yellow, blue, green, purple, pink, orange, apple, grape, banana, phone, book, baby, walk, sit, time out, milk, water, juice, chicken, fries, window, tractor, corn, cow, sheep, moooo, moose, bed, blanket, pillow, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, boots, coat, hat, gloves, snow, cold, brrr, warm, sun, moon, stars, ambulance (personal fav besides Mommy and love you), love you, kiss, hug, nice, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, belly, button, bottle, drink, silly, happy, sad, remote, computer, mine, may, I, have, see, hold, that, welcome and I know there are more but I can't think of them right now.

He's started to express what he wants very well. When we are driving he always asks for his window down please. He asks for milk, water or juice, to eat bananas, watch Elmo, sit on Mommy when he wants to. I'm trying to work on his manners right now. He knows A, B, E, I and 8 when he sees them and can repeat just about anything back to you. He knows where his mouth and belly are. He knows the itsy bitsy spider motions and will do them with you. He loves to sing in the car to Dashboard Confessional and Everclear.

He's been walking since 10.5 months and there are days when he doesn't stop. He's got 4 molars and 4 teeth across the top and bottom of his mouth. He's not the best teether in the world though. He's also very attached to his Mommy and always wants me to hold him or be right by him if I'm around. Everyone says he does fine when I'm not though. He hates being dropped off at the sitters and cries like he's dying when I do. He loves to watch cartoons in the morning when we have breakfast together, take baths and showers with Mommy, give big hugs and kisses, play with his trucks, go for rides in the car when the windows are down, go to the store, play with my phone, climb on everything, play with books, sing songs, feed the ducks and be outside.

He's about 23 ish lbs and is around 32 in tall. He is in some 12 month clothes still. All of his outfits from last summer could very well fit him again this time around! He's still in his crib with no signs of moving him over to a big boy bed. He hasn't had a haircut yet even though a few people would really like him to! He's sleeping most of the time all the way through but he does sometimes wake up and need a little snuggle to get back to sleep.

Like I said growing up to fast. I feel like there won't ever be enough time to enjoy all the little moments in his life. They seem to fly by. So for now I'll blog all about them and hope that it helps me to remember!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I had the chance to have a little meet up with a great friend of mine. I couldn't have been happier to see her or her 2 beautiful children. We went to Monkey Joe's and wow did Robbie go crazy. He was fearless as usual. I'm telling you he isn't scared of anything. He will climb, stand, jump, fall or do whatever is needed so he can get what he wants.
In other news I'm tired of the Olympics. I hate winter and it's just making it seem like fun. Not. What's up with all the people from Cali and Florida doing snowboarding...where do you practice?
And I'm sunburnt bad. Really bad. Stupid for wanting a few extra min of relaxing. Oh well...it'll fade to some beautiful glowy color soon...I hope.
Craving turtles. I think there are some in the cupboard but don't want to get up to look. Annoyed that everyone is so concerned about what I feed my son. Yep he eats bad sometimes. Loves boxed mac and cheese and those Gerber meals, so shoot me. I work and I feed him what he will eat. He's so far away from overweight it's insane. Poor ribs stick out. But then again he won't eat anything so there ya go I guess.
Ahhh sweet success...found the turtles. Only 3 left. I'm going to eat them all and like it. I had steamed veggies for dinner so I can right?
Been spending tons of time with Doodle lately just being. I'm loving it. I love that he wants me over Daddy and cries when I leave a room. Makes me feel so loved. Couldn't be happier with being a Mom. Minus the CIO last night...that was a treat. Or not. He cried and cried and said Mama over and over. So sad.
In other news Doodle is talking like crazy recently. I think he's learning a new word every 4 hours or so. Today he said "Robbie" for the first time and it was sooo adorable. I almost cried. In fact there are a lot of things that he has done recently that have made me cry. Like I love you all the time. And saying crazy funny things. I just wish that I could rewind him and relive little bits of his life all over again.

Blog Award...

Well Jen I don't normally read 7 blogs so here are 7 things about me!

1. I have green eyes which I love. It is the most rare eye color and the only thing that I think really stands out about me.
2. I'm saving my pennies for plastic surgery. Shallow but true!
3. I recently started tanning as well. I went for to long today and now it hurts to sit. Not cool.
4. Brandon and I met at work, he used to be my boss.
5. I am a very picky eater.
6. Addicted...badly to candy. Mostly gummys. You can usually find some type of candy in my purse at all times.
7. I hate hate hate cold.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Proud of him...

Well today it finally happened. My middle brother, who is 2 years younger than me hit his rock bottom. He has had addiction issues for many years. They have seemed to have gotten a lot worse in the last year since my Grandma was sick and passed away. Today he showed up at my second parent's home *my Aunt and Uncle* crying his eyes out and admitted that he needed help. Our family has attempted to get him help many times before but he has never been willing to accept it. Today he asked. He's been so stubborn in asking for help that he would rather not eat than ask for money for food. I've been worried about him for a week or so and have not been able to get ahold of him. He was homeless, hungry and struggling with his addiction. Today my Aunt got up in the night and drove him to a place where he will detox for 3 days and then will be in inpatient rehab and a halfway house. He will be able to stay there for up to a year. I've never in my life been more proud of someone. He's finally going to be the person that I knew he always could be. An uncle my son can look up to. Someone that I have always been and will always be proud to call my brother. You will never read this Timmy John but I need you to know. Today you are my hero. Today is the first step in starting a life that is going to help you. It's not going to be an easy journey but you will get there. Good luck little bro. I'll see you soon!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well my internet at home is down so I'm going to try out this mobile blogging thing a bit further.
First I'd like to thank Jenn for the shout out in her blog! I don't know if I agree with the being cuter thing but we are pretty freakishly alike! We have actually known each other since junior high school but became close during our pregnancies with our beautiful sons! I couldn't have gotten through it without her! She's amazing and her husband and adorable kids aren't to bad either. In fact I'm thrilled to become a part of her family when I become Princess Ady's godmother and my fiance Brandon becomes her godfather. We are so very excited!
Today was a trying day. It has been freezing rain outside all day today which means all of the errands I had to do on my only day off this week didn't get done :( I was going a bit stir crazy in the house with no computer and a 15 month old to talk to. We actually took a long nap together today which makes my days! And today I finally heard what I've been waiting for since I saw two lines on the very first pregnancy kit. My Doodlebear said Love you to me today. And I cried. A lot. He's such a sweetheart. We didn't have a fantastic day overall since he's also used to going places and usually on my day off I try to take him somewhere so we can just hang out together. But that made my day. And the fact that he's currently half asleep on my chest while I type this on my Blackberry. He's just growing far to quickly. I wish I could stop and rewind his life so I could cuddle him as a newborn and experience all of his firsts all over again. Am I the only one who wants that?
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Wordless Wednesday!

And to add to Wordless Wednesday which Robbie doesn't believe in I guess...two new words today! Up and purple. My little baby is growing up to fast. Before I know it he will be talking all day!
So I'm testing out this mobile feature. It could be very useful for keeping track of all the Robbie cuteness in a day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 1

Well Jenn...I did it. I finally started a blog. I guess that I should start out by introducing myself. I'm a young working Mommy of a beautiful 15 month old little boy Robert. If you read this blog for long enough you will come to realize I love to talk about him.
Robbie is my world. And today my world had to go for his 15 month well baby checkup. That means the dreaded shots. He had to go in last week for an ear infection so we combined a recheck of his ears with his well baby. My doctor told me that there was about a 25% chance that the antibotics wouldn't clear his ears. How can you tell me that there isn't a better medicine for that? I mean we can cure cancer but not an ear infection? Anyway...I had to work all day today (more on that later) and Daddy got to take Robbie today. He was such a big boy about it. He only got upset when the doctor came in to the room. He didn't even cry for his shots! And his ears were clear! Yay little man. Now here comes the fun part. Daddy and Robbie came to see me at work after his appointment so I could give him kisses and loves and see how he was doing *paranoid much?* I went to go get him out and he had what looked like a chapstick mark on his face. Which wouldn't be uncommon since Daddy and I are both addicted to chapstick. Well it wasn't. There was motor oil on my baby. On his new coat, his jeans, his shirt, his face, his hands, his clothes and his carseat. Needless to say we were glad that I work in a resturant and we have access to some serious non toxic cleaners. He found a rag that Dad used to change oil and smeared it all over himself. Even after all that he had to get a bath at his favorite Aunt's tonight and it took some serious scrubbing to get the oil out of his hair! He was a tired dude after that. In fact he made it a whole four blocks before he was asleep like this in his carseat!

Anyway about work. Today well...it sucked. I worked for almost 11 hours and I didn't even average 12 dollars an hour which is well below my goal of 15 dollars an hour. It was very slow today and we actually really didn't do much of anything. There are days though that I wonder why people think it is ok to treat your server like they aren't anything. I hope they really get a kick out of it. Because in the end it really means nothing. If you are mean to me I am mad while you are there and in the 30 seconds it takes me to clear and reset your table it's clean and new again. Maybe that's why I like my job so much most of the time? I basically get a new start once an hour or so. Needless to say I'm a server. I work pretty close to full time at TGIFridays. I love the people that I work with and we have a lot of fun. You will hear about them from time to time. I am sure that there will be some fun stories that come out of this. Like this one for example. Today there was a girl working who is annoying. It takes a lot to get on my nerves. But she's always there. Today I made her cry and quit. Why? Really I'm not a mean person but I want you to do your job. END. I don't want excuses, whining, crying or arguments. Do your job or get out. Well needless to say she got out. And called me names on the way. I'm proud because I held my cool and just told her to enjoy her evening. She left and boom...in the 30 seconds it took me to clean up her mess it was a whole new start!

Anyway I have rambled enough for now and MTV is about to post the new episode of Teen Mom online. Yes I know I'm a loser but I totally love that show. In fact tomorrow I may blog about just that! I hope you enjoy reading it Jenn!