Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I had the chance to have a little meet up with a great friend of mine. I couldn't have been happier to see her or her 2 beautiful children. We went to Monkey Joe's and wow did Robbie go crazy. He was fearless as usual. I'm telling you he isn't scared of anything. He will climb, stand, jump, fall or do whatever is needed so he can get what he wants.
In other news I'm tired of the Olympics. I hate winter and it's just making it seem like fun. Not. What's up with all the people from Cali and Florida doing snowboarding...where do you practice?
And I'm sunburnt bad. Really bad. Stupid for wanting a few extra min of relaxing. Oh'll fade to some beautiful glowy color soon...I hope.
Craving turtles. I think there are some in the cupboard but don't want to get up to look. Annoyed that everyone is so concerned about what I feed my son. Yep he eats bad sometimes. Loves boxed mac and cheese and those Gerber meals, so shoot me. I work and I feed him what he will eat. He's so far away from overweight it's insane. Poor ribs stick out. But then again he won't eat anything so there ya go I guess.
Ahhh sweet success...found the turtles. Only 3 left. I'm going to eat them all and like it. I had steamed veggies for dinner so I can right?
Been spending tons of time with Doodle lately just being. I'm loving it. I love that he wants me over Daddy and cries when I leave a room. Makes me feel so loved. Couldn't be happier with being a Mom. Minus the CIO last night...that was a treat. Or not. He cried and cried and said Mama over and over. So sad.
In other news Doodle is talking like crazy recently. I think he's learning a new word every 4 hours or so. Today he said "Robbie" for the first time and it was sooo adorable. I almost cried. In fact there are a lot of things that he has done recently that have made me cry. Like I love you all the time. And saying crazy funny things. I just wish that I could rewind him and relive little bits of his life all over again.

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  1. Who gives you a hard time with what Robbie eats? I'd kick their ass. My Dad is super annoying with what Jacker's eats too. He doesn't think that he can have an apple (in chunks)....but, he can drink a beer just fine. WTF!

    Haha, turtles....making a mental note.

    Btw, I think that it is super adorable that Robbie is talking so much. I just wish Jacker's would start, at least just say Mama. Ugh...maybe tomorrow.