Tuesday, March 1, 2011


has just been one of those days. I can't decided if its a good day or a bad one.

Little guy slept all night long. It's not something that happens often so I tend to celebrate it when it does. But, he woke up soaked. And he's still awake at 11pm.

Robbie and I went shopping today. We had a good time. But, we didn't find anything to buy.

I made a wonderful dinner. I actually cooked, it tasted good and nothing was burnt or raw. For me thats a big deal! I've been getting better about the "housewife" thing. I attempted to make monkey bread but the stupid pan leaked all over the oven. Which made me really mad!

My BFF had a mamogram, ultrasound and a biopsy today. I'm nervous for her. I don't think that it is anything. She's scared which makes me scared. I'm odd like that.

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