Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Moments Part 1

That make me smile.

-hearing I love you as the last thing the babies and I say to each other at night

-singing along to music in the car

-realizing Robbie knows I'm Mommy when he says things like "Watch Mommy I do it!" When he's doing something cute.

-saying all done after like 10 seconds in timeout

-when they as for something specific and know what they want

-Robbie sang the peanut song to me today. I've sung it to him since his first day. Its the song I sing him before bed.

-blonde curls and pigtails with bows

-swimming in the tub

-the excitement in a toddlers eyes when they discover something new

-new words. Halloween, hippo, melon, snuggles, and about a zillion more. Baileys vocab is pushing 500 words and Robbies is close to hers although she's much more verbal and puts her words in to sentences better

-when someone tells me my daughter looks like me.

-when someone tells me Robbie looks like me

-reading a book with Robbie and we get to the page about friends and he always yells JACKERS!

-the drums that my brother bought the babies. He's in recovery and has been sober 6 months. The look on his face when he carried them upstairs was evil and proud at the same time.

-a zillion other things I'm just to tired to blog about....this will be part 1

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