Monday, August 16, 2010

2 things

All friends should share. Wine and giggles. I shared some with my slightly *read...very* intoxicated future father in law this weekend. I need more wine dates. More laughter. More relaxation.

In other news I decided its bringing sexy back time again. I went to the gym at my new place today. Have I mentioned how much I love it? The place, so not the gym. I decided to do 30 min on the elepitcal (spelt wrong, don't care) and id like to thank Zach for keeping me text company. I did a little over 4 miles. My goal is to work up to 60 min and 8 miles. Hope I can do it. And then I cancer I know, I'm aware. Save it. Anyway. I'm bringing sexy ish back. Or trying. See how well it goes. Jenn I need you to text me to make sure I'm running. Seriously. I tired of looking like poop.

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