Sunday, August 8, 2010


Is it eleventythousand zillion degrees out? And why do you people have to come to my job to eat? Can't you cook at home? Rawr.

And why do I have 47 loads of laundry to do. It should be more acceptable to wear sweat pants and in the kids case cute little bubble gum machine and glow in the dark rocket jammies everywhere. Seriously cutest jammies my kid has. Ever. Love them. So does he.

And why must we watch Toy Story 9 times a day? Mommy is tired of Buzz. And why does his name have to be Woody? Know how much I giggle telling Robbie to grab his Woody and hurry up. Makes me giggle like I'm a 12 yr old boy! And where is Andys Dad in the movies? It bugs me!

And why does Bailey now ask people if they have a peanut or a buttgina? Daycares going to love that one! At least someones laughing. Even if it is me!

And why are the babies obsessed with the hose? My Saturday ended with two butt naked kids running around my aunts backyard getting sprayed by the hose giggling like fools! Their laughs melt me though. I love them too much. Even when they are being butt brains.

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  1. Your babies are precious! :)

    I have always wondered where the dad is too!

    Jackers still hasn't seen it, however I am sure he would love it. We bought him Hercules the other day, and he LOVES it. If it has music in it, he will watch it.

    Thus the reason why he watches Sid the Science Kid....

    I'm lookin' for my friends, I'm lookin' for you! There's Gabriella!!! "Can I show you how I groove?"

    Isn't being a Mommy just the best!

    Oh, and why are you outside all the time? I would be pissed!!!!!!!!!!